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On this page you can upload your book presentation. If you arrived at this page directly, please visit my info-page for authors and read the general information of my website and learn more about the conditions and the pricing of my offer.

Before you start

Due to the simplicity of the pricing and the offering structure I just abandoned the idea of giving you the possibility to select one of my offers in this form manually. In fact, it is quite simple: If you’re new on IAB and you want to present you and your book on my website, you will place the order on offer #1: New Entry, if you have already presentated one of your books on my website and want to present another book, you would choose offer #2: Yet another book.

For offer #3: The extra round you can send a short email to

According to this, you don’t need to be afraid of being cheated or having to pay abusive prices. In the unlikely event I fail to provide you an invoice which is correct both in terms of calculation as well as in terms of goods (I am also just a human) this misunderstanding will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Now you can start to submit your book presentation. Just follow the on-site instructions and read the terms of use carefully.

Please note that all fields characterized with * are mandatory fields and have to be filled out.

  • Personal Data

    At the beginning you need to enter your full name, your e-mail-address and your billing address to have a contract partner, to create a correct invoice and to contact you in case of further inquiries.

    If you published your book through a pseudonym, be unconcerned. Your real name won't be published and won't be given away to third parties. Only the name of the author, set forth below, will be published.

    Please make sure you enter a correct e-mail-address, otherwise our answer does not reach you and it will not be possible to process your order.

  • Social Media

    Please enter your social media usernames or paste the links to your profiles.

  • Book Information

    The next is the presentation of your book. Please read the information and instructions at the sub-sections carefully. It will speed up the processing of your order enormously if your submitted information and data are without defects and shortcomings and can be directly go online without postprocessing.


  • Please enter the title and the subtitle of your book as it should be shown on the sub-page of your book presentation.

  • Please enter the name or the pseudonym of the author.

  • Enter the available formats of your book.

  • Please enter the number of pages of your book. If your book is available in more than one format: enter the number of pages of the paperback version.

  • Please enter the name of the publisher(s) or provider(s) which has published your book. If you name more than one, please seperate the entries with a comma.

  • Please enter the ISBN (1st Priority) or the ASIN (2nd Priority) of your book.

  • Texts

  • This field is intended for the blurb of the book.

  • You can insert a detailed description of your book. You can let your creativity run wild. Arouse the interest of the visitors with an introduction of the protagonists or the setting. Or do something completely different...

  • You can insert a reading sample of your book here. Füge hier eine Leseprobe deines Buches ein. It must not exceed 1500 words or 8500 characters. Format the reading sample as it should be shown on the sub-page of your book presentation.

  • Please insert here the introduction of the author. You can introduce yourself to the readers and make them curious about you and your book.

    If you already have an author page on my website, you don't have to insert anything here.

  • Links

    Next, you have to paste the links of your sources of supply and - if there is one - of the book trailer and your website. Please don't use shortened links (e.g. via u. Simply copy the URL link from the address bar of your browser.

  • File Upload

    You have already almost reached it. All that's missing now is the upload of your image files.

  • Please insert the image file of your book cover here, best in the JPG or PNG format. The minimum width is 500 pixels.

    Please make sure that the quality of the cover file is acceptable. Scanned cover and fuzzy or pixelated or blocky image files will not be used. This also applies to covers which are generated by your private photo gallery and standard fonts.

    Before transferring the files to my server, I reduce the file size of the image files under 100 KB to increase the speed they are displayed and to minimize the transfer times over the internet. When you are comfortable enough with image editing you can do this for me before uploading the files. Otherwise I will do this for you.

    The size of the image file is limited to 6MB.

  • Here you have the option to add an additional advertising banner. The same quality requirements are applied as for the book cover.

    The size of the image file is limited to 2MB.

  • Lastly - please insert here the image of the author that will be shown on your author page. The minimum width is also 500 pixels. The best outcome would be a square image with an aspect ratio of 1:1, otherwise I will crop the image to this aspect ratio. Here, you must make sure that it is possible to crop the image without losing important parts of the image.

    If you already have an author page on my website, you don't have to insert an image here.

    The size of the image file is limited to 2MB.

  • Further remarks

    Here, you will have the possibility to enter a small annotation. Any question regarding the presentation of your book should be sent via the contact form or by e-mail to

  • General conditions

    After sending

    The book presentation sent by you reaches me immediately after submitting. I check your message usually within 24 hours and look at the submitted data.

    In the event that all demanded information and data were submitted accurately and properly, I create an invoice and send it to you by e-mail. After receipt of payment and internal accounting, your book presentation goes online and the advertising of your book begins.


    If defects or shortcoming are found, I will contact you and attempt to remedy the deficits in a dialogue with you.

    Priority check-in

    I will give you priority treatment if your submitted information and data are without defects and shortcomings.


    After submitting your book presentation you receive a confirmation e-mail with a summary of the submitted data. You have to forward this e-mail to me to confirm your e-mail-address.

    The procedure is necessary to confirm your inserted e-mail-address. You certainly know this procedure but more comfortable and user-friendly e.g. when subscribing to a Newsletter.

    If you have not received the e-mail within 10 minutes after submitting, please check your spam filter or contact me.

    Only after forwarding your received e-mail to me and and thereby also confirming your e-mail-address, I create the invoice and send it to you.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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