Dear Authors

Welcome to the portal for books written by indie-authors and self-publishers.

The project Indie-Autoren Bücher (german for “Indie-Author’s books”) has been in place since december 2016. It is a website on which interested readers can find out about current publications written by indie-authors and self-publishers.

Indie-Authors have the chance to present their books on my website and to advertise and promote them targeted with the “indie-author” and “self-publisher” label and to extend their reach within their target group.

The long-term aim is to create a list of publications which contains all indie-author’s books.

Insight into the open-plan office of
Insight into the open-plan office of 😉

English language literature in Germany

Germany has 82 million inhabitants, together with the whole DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), which is majority German-speaking, approximately 100 million.

The total turnover on the german book market is over 9 billion euros. The share of english language books is approximately 5 percent. 5 Million people regularly read english literature in Germany alone.

How does it work?

If you are an indie-author and self-publisher and want to extend the attention and the range of your books in the DACH region, you are at the right place.

The offer that I am making to you gives you the opportunity to present you and your books on my website and to be regularly present in the German-speaking social media. Thereby you increase the likelihood of attracting the attention of potential readers.


I have only two conditions in order to be accepted on my website. First, you have to be an indie-author and selfpublisher and, second, you must have already self-published a book. The definition of a self-publisher can be found here at

Indie-Autorin bei der Arbeit
Indie-Author at work

Your author page and book presentation

Now let us move to your book presentation and to your author page on I offer you the opportunity to customize the content of your book sub-page and your author page according to the standards of my own Corporate Design Guideline.

You have the choice whether to provide only the most important basic information about your book or draw your own content which supplements and enriches the blurb and your author introduction and would provide genuine added value for the potential readers. With pleasure I include your banner and book trailer on your book sub-page as well.

However, before you come to think that you take over my work, I will describe your benefits.

Scope of services

Your submitted book presentation will be presentated in its own post with book cover, content description and your author introduction. The post will be complemented by sources of supply.

You will get your own author page which is linked to all of your books which you have presented on my website. The author page will be complemented with your author introduction and a backlink to your own website.

Your book presentation and your author page are SEO optimized and properly indexed by major search engines and get found by them.

Your book will be heavily featured as a new entry on the homepage of my website. The first section of the homepage contains the last 4 new entries. Once a new book goes online the existing entries will be displaced by one position.

The last 12 new entries will be shown on the sub-page New books on IAB (german: “Neu bei IAB”). After your book ist displaced from the homepage, your book will be shown there until 12 new entries have been listed.

Immediately after your book hits the wire, it will be promoted and advertised for one year in the following social networks:

In addition to that the subscribers of my rss feed will receive a email when your book presentation goes online.

Extend your social media reach
Extend your social media reach

Submission of your book presentation

Your book presentation will be submitted via the form provided by me at the bottom of this page. Upon completing and sending this form you are providing your consent to the publication of this data (on my website) which you have created by yourself or whose usage was agreed by the holder of the rights.

Please understand that I will not accept low-resolution image files. This also applies to book covers which are pixelated or generated by your private photo gallery and standard fonts. Please keep in mind that book covers which are generated like this will look boring and doesn’t make the book visually appealing to the potential reader.

I reserve myself the right to reject or recall submitted book presentations without indication of reasons.


My aim is to make a good offer with a high scope of services and an added value to all participating indie-authors.

My offers

#1: New Entry

You are new on IAB and want to present you and your book on my website.

Scope of services:

  • Book presentation
  • Author page
  • 1 Year Social Media promotion

39,90 $

#2: Yet another book

You have already presentated one of your books on my website and want to present another book.

Scope of services:

  • Book presentation
  • 1 Year Social Media promotion

19,90 $

#3: The extra round

You want to order another year of social media promotion after the first year which was included in offer #1 and #2.

Scope of services:

  • 1 Year Social Media promotion

16,90 $

Please submit the book presentation (offer #1 and #2) via the form provided by me at the bottom of this page. After completion of data entry your order will be confirmed by e-mail. Once your book presentation is online you will get an e-mail, too.

The visibility of your book presentation is not limited in time. It will be a permanent component of my website. You are always welcome to request corrections, revisions and additions or that I delete your entry.

For offer #3 you can send a short email to

Finally, you will receive an e-mail with the details to make the payment through PayPal.

What are you waiting for?

If you agree to the conditions above and have no additional questions, please begin with the data entry of your book presentation through the user-friendly form. You will find the form following this link.

You need a button to start? Nothing easier than that…

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